Additional Patient Services

Patient Assistance Program

A valuable community resource, our Patient Assistance Program makes care and treatment affordable for underserved patient families by providing low and no-cost medicines, specialized baby formulas and medical supplies.

Families can benefit significantly from our Patient Assistance Program. Most recently, we provided $2.5 million in free and reduced-cost prescriptions, enabling children to receive the medicines they need and alleviating financial burdens for their families.

Through our generous donor support, we’re able to offer a nutrition program for our patients which provides critical baby formula and other products to families at a greatly reduced price.

To further help patient families, we often have specialized equipment and other items available such as diapers, nutritional supplements, feeding supplies and bath chairs that families have donated to aid other families in need.

For additional information on our Patient Assistance Program, please contact us.

Immunization Program

Childhood vaccinations are necessary to prevent serious disease and maintain good health. Our clinic offers no-cost immunizations to children through the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) which helps to ensure that all children have a better chance of getting their recommended vaccinations on schedule.

Vaccines available through the VFC program are those recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). These vaccines protect babies, young children and adolescents from 16 diseases.

Since we initiated our clinic’s immunization program, we’ve vaccinated nearly 5,000 children. Held at various times throughout the year, our vaccination clinics are by appointment only. Our immunization clinics are open to any child, whether or not he or she is a patient of DDC Clinic.

Appointments fill up quickly. Check our events calendar or contact us directly for information on our next vaccination clinic.

Onsite Specialty Clinics

We partner with Northeast Ohio’s world-class hospitals and physicians to host low-cost specialty clinics for local families, giving them access to specialized medical attention that otherwise they would have to travel a considerable distance to obtain.

Held throughout the year, these specialty clinics serve an average of 750 patients annually, providing essential medical services in the areas of neurology, hemophilia, gastroenterology, cardiology, pediatric surgery and dental care.

Physicians from Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic and other large medical centers come to our clinic to treat children and adults, providing a comfortable setting close to home.

For information on upcoming specialty clinics, check our events calendar or contact us directly.