Patient Stories

Our most important work involves our patients and their families, and the journeys we take with them. For many of our patients, we’ve been able to find answers and improve their quality of life. Here are some of their personal stories.

Kaden’s Story

Kaden was born with significant developmental disabilities. After years of doctor and hospital visits with no answers and his condition worsening, Kaden’s parents brought him to our clinic where he was diagnosed with SAMS association.

Connor’s Story

Connor was nine months old when his parents became concerned that he wasn’t crawling. He didn’t begin walking until he was 17 months old. When it became apparent he had motor skills challenges, his parents began searching for answers.

Bethanne’s Story

Bethanne’s parents were relieved when genetic testing showed that their newborn daughter didn’t have Troyer syndrome. But not long after, Bethanne became sick and her parents sought medical attention. The baby was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

Matthew’s Story

Matthew’s mother knew something was wrong with her son’s vision. A visit to the eye doctor revealed that he could barely see with his right eye. Our clinic’s custom genetic test uncovered a rare mutation responsible for his condition.

Caleb’s Story

Despite prenatal testing that indicated possible heart problems, Caleb seemed like a healthy baby when he was born. But when he was ten days old, he was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

John’s, Ada’s and Joseph’s Story

Small changes can make a big difference. John, Ada and Joseph came from different families but all suffered from the same severe symptoms which turned out to be a life-threatening disease which could be controlled with proper treatment.

Liam’s Story

Liam’s family lives in Los Angeles. Genetic testing revealed that Liam has Cohen syndrome. Searching for an expert to talk to, his parents contacted our clinic. A telehealth visit with Dr. Wang provided Liam’s parents with the support they needed.

Rebekah’s Story

Three-year old Rebekah was our first patient. When we met her, she had already been seen by numerous pediatric neurologists and geneticists. For years, no one, including our own clinic, could give her a diagnosis. Then we found an answer.

Robert’s Story

Robert was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. After the aneurysm burst, he successfully underwent brain surgery and was back home in three days and on the road to recovery. His experience forged a special bond between him and Dr. Wang.

Isaac’s Story

When Isaac was born, he looked perfectly healthy. But when he was just a few hours old, he had to be treated for jaundice. At four days old, he needed a blood transfusion. Genetic testing showed that he had PKD, an inherited blood disorder.

Michael’s Story

When Michael was a baby, he was in an Arkansas hospital with severe heart failure and in need of a heart transplant. It was our clinic’s research on the cause of a rare genetic heart condition that was instrumental in saving Michael’s life.

Greg and Scotty’s Story

Greg and Scotty are from two generations of the same family, and each battled the same severe illness that went undiagnosed for many years. Advanced genetic testing provided the long-awaited answers which their family had been searching for.

Chris’s Story

When a child like four-year old Chris has an illness, the impact can often be felt throughout the family. Not long after their visit to our clinic, Chris’s family received a diagnosis that affected not only him, but also two of his family members.