About Our Lab

DDC Clinic Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Our clinic’s state-of-the-art laboratory specializes in molecular diagnosis of rare genetic diseases. In addition to providing personalized, high-quality testing to our patients, our CLIA-certified laboratory also provides testing services to physicians across the country and around the world.

We offer targeted variant analysis, chromosomal microarray and custom panels, as well as our Genetic Awareness Panel (GAP), a groundbreaking tool used for diagnosis and identification of risk factors in the Amish population.

Diagnostic testing for rare genetic disorders is frequently challenging because standard tests may not be available. We work with research teams from around the globe to obtain useful biochemical information to help us develop tests for those diseases.

Always seeking to find answers to help those affected by rare genetic disorders, we have developed dozens of assays for rare genetic disease, some of which are offered nowhere else in the world.

Our laboratory director is a physician-scientist with a passion for research, and we understand and support other clinicians’ research and academic interests. Inspired by our clinic’s founders, we strive to help others by leveraging our research and clinical expertise to provide quality, affordable genetic testing services to fellow medical professionals.