Specimen Collection, Handling, and Shipping

Specimen Collection

  • Peripheral Blood:
    • Infants: Minimum of 2-3 mL of whole blood in a purple top (EDTA) tube.
    • Adults and children over 2 years of age: Minimum of 3-5 mL of whole blood in a purple top (EDTA) tube.
  • Cord Blood: Minimum of 3-5 mL of whole blood in a purple top (EDTA) tube.
  • Isolated DNA: 50 µl at a concentration of 50 ng/µl, label tube with concentration also.

Specimen Labeling and Storage

Label specimens with patient’s full name as indicated on the test requisition, date of birth, date of collection, and source (if appropriate). Blood samples are stable at room temperature (15° to 25°C) for one day or at 2° to 8°C for up to 5 days. Blood samples should not be frozen at any time.

Specimen Transportation

Specimens from outside facilities should be packaged according to standard medical safety practices and shipped by overnight priority. Refrigerate samples if stored overnight prior to shipping. In hot weather, include a cool pack in the shipping container. Do not allow the specimen to freeze at any time. Package the completed test requisition inside the packaging container with the specimen. Make certain the information on the specimen label matches the information on the requisition.

Samples are received Monday through Friday. Specimens should not be shipped on Fridays, Saturdays, or the day preceding a holiday. Contact us if you have questions related to our holiday schedule.

Shipping Address

DDC Clinic Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
14567 Madison Rd.
Middlefield, OH 44062

Contact Information

Telephone: (440) 632-5532

Fax: (440) 632-1697

E-Mail: lab@ddcclinic.org

Causes of Specimen Rejection

The following conditions may result in delayed reporting or inability to process the specimen:

  • Missing or incomplete requisition
  • Incorrectly labeled or unlabeled specimen
  • Broken, leaking, or incorrect sample tube
  • Frozen or clotted specimen
  • Sample volume is less than the minimum required
  • Mismatch between specimen label information and test requisition information
  • Blood specimen more than 5 days old

If a sample is received in unacceptable condition, we will immediately notify the referring individual or institution.

Specimen Retention Policy

Specimens submitted for DNA testing will be retained by the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory until DNA isolation is complete (usually one to two business days after specimen receipt). Isolated DNA will be retained for a minimum of two years.