Genetic Awareness Panel (GAP)

AKA: Amish Genetic Disease Panel
Short Name: Amish Panel, GAP

The Genetic Awareness Panel (GAP), formerly named the Amish Genetic Disease Panel, was developed to address what is often an expensive and lengthy diagnostic odyssey for clinicians treating patients of Amish descent. GAP distills and leverages our nearly 20 years of experience identifying, diagnosing, and treating families affected by rare genetic disorders. There are more than 200 disorders for which a common Amish founder variant has been reported in medical literature. GAP tests for all published, population specific gene variants for these disorders.

CPT Code: 81408
Turn-Around Time: 4-6 weeks

Additional Information:

The Genetic Awareness Panel can be used for efficient diagnoses, supplemental newborn screening, and carrier testing for individuals of Amish heritage.

Efficient Diagnosis

The Genetic Awareness Panel analyzes more than 250 founder mutations common to the North American Amish populations. Results are available at a relatively inexpensive cost to the patient.

Supplemental Newborn Screening

GAP is a supplement to state newborn screening for high risk families with Amish ancestry. DNA based testing does not require confirmatory testing, as does newborn screening, which allows for faster diagnoses and prompt treatment of affected newborns. Our panel covers additional conditions that are not covered on state newborn screening.

Carrier Testing

GAP can be used to provide risk information to interested Amish adults, most of whom are carriers for several disorders. Test results also assist parents and clinicians in future testing recommendations for at risk children or other family members.