Billing Information

DDC Clinic Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory strives to make billing as painless as possible. Most insurance plans, both commercial and Medicaid, require prior authorization for genetic testing. We recommend obtaining prior authorization before sending a sample, but we are also willing to put a hold on a sample if we are informed that prior authorization is pending.

CPT codes are included on each test information page.

Commercial Insurance: DDC Clinic Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory will bill commercial insurances. Include a copy of the prior authorization approval letter, an enlarged copy of both the front and back of the insurance card, and a signed copy of the Financial Responsibility Form.

Medicaid: We will bill Ohio Medicaid. Include a copy of the insurance card and a copy of the prior authorization approval letter, if required.

Medicare: There are very few genetic tests covered by Medicare. A Medicare ABN Form must be completed, signed, and submitted with any sample. If the institution does not wish to be billed, then we will treat the sample as self-pay.

Self-pay: Self-pay patients may include a check or credit card information with the test requisition. Checks should be made out to “DDC Clinic.” A payment plan may be available. Contact us in advance to discuss this option.

Institutional Billing: An institutional discount may be available. Call for details. The test requisition should include complete billing information and a contact person. An invoice and a copy of the test requisition will be sent following completion of the testing.

International Billing: International samples are accepted. Canadian samples will be held until MOH approval is received. We will bill upon completion of the test. Payment can be made by bank or ACH transfer (contact us for account information), credit card or check made out to “DDC Clinic” in USD.