Dr. Vincent Cruz Joins DDC Clinic

November 15, 2020

DDC Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Vincent Cruz will spend the next year at DDC Clinic as he finishes his physician training in Internal Medicine and Genetics.

One of the Key Bank Minority Medical Student Scholars of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Cruz received his Doctor Medicine from Case Western Reserve University in 2016.

While at DDC Clinic, Dr. Cruz will focus on research projects. He considers himself a physician scientist and looks forward to exploring the application of genomics to individualized patient care with Dr. Wang and Dr. Xin.

Dr. Cruz is attracted to DDC Clinic’s rural setting and more importantly, the direct impact our clinic has on individuals and the community. He looks forward to studying undiagnosed diseases and finding answers to what is unknown. He especially wants to help families find answers about the rare conditions affecting their children.

Dr. Cruz got to know Dr. Wang over the last three years through consultations about unusual and challenging patients. He found Dr. Wang to be very responsive and collaborative, factors which influenced his decision to come to our clinic and work here for the next year.

Noting that Dr. Wang is well known and respected, Dr. Cruz shared that he recently had a patient who was tested for Cohen Syndrome by a different laboratory. The report came back from the lab confirming the patient was a carrier of Cohen Syndrome, and two of Dr. Wang’s publications were cited by the laboratory.